Wrapped and photographed: A fascinating photo project in focus
models | Enya, Janine, JC, Jenny, Oliver. Li, Mary, Saskia, Mercédesz
photo & edit | Daniel Tscharner (Instagram)
assist | Anna-Rosa Tscharner
In this photo book, I present the captivating images from the "Vacuum" project. The pictures were taken in a total of ten shoots and show individual people and a couple who were photographed wrapped in plastic film and a light vacuum. In order to capture the brief moment of the vacuum perfectly, I photographed simultaneously from the side with a fixed camera above the vacuum stage and a camera in my hand. This resulted in fascinating images from two contrasting perspectives, turning the project into a visual experience.
Technical sophistication and creative solutions
The biggest challenge was to develop a system for creating and maintaining the vacuum. After countless experiments and inspiring visits to the DIY store, I found the perfect materials and an ideal plastic film - transparent yet robust. A custom-built construction of plywood, perforated plate and a film attached underneath provided an even vacuum. With a vacuum cleaner set on the lowest setting, the desired vacuum was created, enveloping the models in a surrealistic embrace.
Focus on safety and collaboration
Safety aspects were a top priority right from the start. The top film was simply pushed under the edge so that it could be lifted quickly and effortlessly to break the vacuum after each shooting sequence. For the first test of the setup, we deliberately chose an athletically fit model. This choice ensured that the first encounter with the vacuum took place under optimal conditions. Throughout the shoot, constant communication between model and team was essential, giving everyone involved the security and confidence they needed.
The inspiration
The inspiration for this project came from the fascinating work of Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi. I was immediately captivated by his unique works. This project proves that it is worth accepting challenges and finding creative solutions. Even at a time when the world is inundated with a flood of cell phone photos, it is still possible to amaze viewers with unique and unexpected images.
And it's done!
A big thank you to everyone who bravely took part in this special shoot. Without your trust and support, this project would not have been possible. Special thanks go to my wife Anna-Rosa, who also supported me in this somewhat crazy project.
Let yourself be enchanted by these unique pictures and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of "Vacuum".

Have fun,

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