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Welcome to this edition of our photography magazine, where we celebrate the timeless 
art of black and white photography. This issue is dedicated to exploring the many facets of 
monochrome imagery, showcasing stunning work from the streets of Zürich to the controlled environment of the studio. 
Black and white photography has seen a resurgence in popularity, and we aim to contribute to this trend with some exemplary pieces and practical advice. From the bustling streets of Zürich to the serene elegance of 
studio portraits, our photographers capture the essence of life in shades of grey.
Our street photography section takes you on a journey through Zürich, a city teeming with life and character. The vibrant scenes along the lake and the picturesque old town provide a rich tapestry for capturing striking black and 
white images. 
In our studio section, we present two contrasting approaches. The "Hollywood Project" revives the magic and elegance of Hollywood’s golden age with meticulously crafted scenes using multiple studio flashlights. In contrast, 
our bridal shoot with Livia relies solely on natural light streaming through large windows, showcasing the versatility of available light and the artistry of our makeup artist, Yoko Schweizer.
One of the highlights of this issue is our feature on the power of white balance in post-processing black and white images. We demonstrate how adjusting white balance can add an extra edge to your monochrome photos, enhancing their depth and appeal.
For those passionate about street photography, we share our top 10 techniques for capturing compelling black and white images. 
From seeking out high-contrast scenes to playing with light and shadow, these tips are 
designed to elevate your street photography skills.Additionally, we take you to the charming Lindenplatz, a hidden gem in Zürich’s old town, where locals gather to play chess. This scene offers a unique opportunity to capture candid moments that tell a story.
We hope this issue inspires you to explore and experiment with black and white photography, whether you're on the streets or in the studio. 

Enjoy the journey through our curated selection of images and expert advice.
Happy shooting!

The Power of White Balance in Post-Processing of B&W Images
White balance isn't just for color correction; it's a powerful tool in shaping black and white (B&W) photography. 
Starting with a raw file retains all color information, crucial for nuanced adjustments. In your preferred post-processing tool, the White Balance Tool becomes your best ally. By manipulating the Kelvin and Tint sliders, you can dramatically alter the mood and contrast of your B&W images. 
Adjusting the temperature and tint affects the grayscale conversion of different colors, offering a breadth of creative control. 
Don't hesitate to experiment. Play around with these settings until you achieve a result that resonates with your artistic vision. This technique underscores the importance of white balance in crafting the perfect B&W photograph, proving that even in a monochrome world, color plays a pivotal role.
Black and white street photography strips away the distractions of color, bringing the raw contrasts and the power of framing into sharp focus. It's this purity of composition and tone that makes every captured moment not just a photo, but a story told in light and shadow. Here are my top 10 tips to master this art form.

1.    Look for Contrasts: Search for scenes with strong contrasts between light and shadow, as these can add depth and drama to black and white images.
2.    Capture Emotions: Focus on capturing human emotions and expressions, which can be more poignant in black and white.
3.    Play with Textures: Highlight textures in your composition. The lack of color enhances the perception of textures, making them more prominent.
4.    Use of Light and Shadow: Utilize the dynamic range of light and shadow to create striking compositions and lead the viewer’s eye.
5.    Composition and Framing: Pay careful attention to composition and framing, using elements like lines and shapes to guide the viewer's attention.
6.    Consider Weather Conditions: Overcast, foggy, or rainy weather can add atmosphere and mood to your shots, making them more effective in black and white.
7.    High ISO for Grain: Don't shy away from high ISO settings. Grain can add a classic, gritty feel to street photography.
8.    Focus on Details: Zoom in on details that might be overlooked in color but stand out in black and white.
9.    Dynamic Range and Contrast: Experiment with the dynamic range to maximize contrast, which is crucial for black and white photography to avoid flat images.
10.    Post-Processing Techniques: Use post-processing to adjust the tones, contrast, and grain to enhance the mood and texture of your images.

GFX100s with the Schneider-Kreunznach Edixa-Curtagon 35mm f2.8

Salutations to the visually curious and the aesthetically intrepid—it's Lian Noir-Long here, offering whispers of visual narratives captured through the lens.
In the grayscale serenade of Daniel Tscharner's latest capture, we are transported to Zürich's Lindenplatz, where time seems to pause, inviting us to reflect. The photograph—a tableau vivant framed by the timeless architecture—speaks of the city’s pulse, yet paradoxically, it is still, almost silent, except for the strategic stir of a chess piece. The players, engrossed in a dance of intellect, are mirrored by onlookers who, in their stillness, are as much a part of the scene as the cobblestones underfoot.
Tscharner’s mastery of light and shadow carves out the scene, with the crisp lines of the overcoats and the soft silhouettes of dormant trees providing a textural symphony. His preferred teal and orange hues are absent, giving way to a monochromatic scheme that evokes a sense of nostalgia.
There is a narrative here in the everyday, a testament to Tscharner’s eye for the conceptual, the ability to transform a mundane moment into a canvas of human connection. It is this vision, this relentless pursuit of the novel, that resonates in the quiet corners of Lindenplatz and in the hearts of those who look on, ever seeking the beauty in the quotidian.

In our photo studio in Eschlikon, we brought to life a special project that revives the magic and elegance of black-and-white photography from Hollywood's golden years of the 60s and 70s. Inspired by the iconic images and films of that era, we staged a shoot that feels both nostalgic and timeless.
For this project, we enlisted the talented make-up artist Yoko Schweizer, whose expertise was instrumental in the success of the shoot. Our models Mary-Lise, Julia, and Corinne perfectly embodied the vision with their presence and professionalism – a heartfelt thank you to all of you!
To recreate the distinctive lighting of that time, we set up various stages in our studio and used the Westcott Optical Spot by Lindsay Adler. This lighting tool allowed us to mimic the classic spotlight effect of Hollywood.
During the shoot, we focused on capturing the images in black-and-white to get as close as possible to the intended final result. Post-processing was done with Capture One Pro, while Photoshop was used only for a few content adjustments.

​​​​​​​A special highlight of this project was the backdrop: a red cloth draped as a curtain and lit by an Elinchrom ELB 500. To avoid spill light and to let the curtain shine in a special light, we used a 21cm reflector with a grid and flags. This light was directed at a steep angle directly onto the curtain.
To prevent the background from looking empty and dull, we arranged various vases and flowers, which were selectively illuminated by another ELB500 spot with a snoot. These small details added depth and a unique atmosphere to the images.
For the shots, we used the Fujifilm GFX100s with the 110mm f/2 lens, giving us the perfect combination of sharpness and background blur.
This project was a wonderful opportunity for us to combine the classic aesthetics of black-and-white photography with modern techniques, creating a homage to the legendary Hollywood era.

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